The voting and judging period will be Tuesday, noon MT, January 18, 2022 through Monday, noon MT, January 31, 2022.


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Move Mining Next Gen is an online competition for students K-12 that explores the importance of mined minerals. Competitors will compete for prizes in four categories by creating a video to market to a world audience that addresses why mining and minerals are important to our lives.

It’s teamwork

Work with a team to create a winning video. Involve your friends, siblings, cousins or pets. Collaborate on the idea and on the delivery of your idea.

It’s creativity

Choose your direction and put in your personality. Capture it and share it! How can you make yours stand out?

It’s promotion

Share your ideas in a way that conveys your thoughts, changes someone’s perception, or calls people to action.

It’s educational

A great submission will be researched and based on facts. Teachers may use this opportunity to challenge their students to stretch beyond typical curriculum to dig deeper into mining.

It’s a challenge

This competition will be judged by experts and by the world – and it comes with a cash prize!

It’s a chance to be seen

Video submissions will be posted online for the world to see and vote!

Move Mining Next Gen is produced by the Minerals Education Coalition (MEC) and the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME)

Best Overall

$1,000 Prize

The Best Overall award is given to the video chosen from all entries that best represents the spirit of the Move Mining Next Gen competition. This video will rise above expectations and explore different filming methods, unique scripting, elaborate design and more while still conveying how mining impacts our lives.

Best in Grades K-5

$250 Prize

Awarded to the video created by an individual or a team in grades kindergarten through 5th that inspires action, stimulates thought and creates excitement about mining. This video motivates viewers to explore how mining impacts their everyday lives and encourages them to spread the word.

Best in Grades 6-8

$250 Prize

Awarded to the video created by an individual or a team in grades 6th through 8th that brings the most fun and style to telling the world about mining. This video will be unique while still accurately sending the right message about why mining is important and how it impacts our lives.

Best in Grades 9-12

$250 Prize

Awarded to the video created by an individual or team in grades 9th through 12th that really brings creativity and a fresh take on presenting the importance of mining. This video will convey the importance of mining to the world through creative expression and unique styling.

People’s Choice Award

$500 Prize

Awarded to the video that not only inspired, but created BUZZ around the world! This video will have received the most votes online by viewers. Win this award by getting the most votes on your video.

Find Your Resource Through MEC

Hey Move Mining Next Gen competitors! Looking for some awesome resources to learn more about mining? Check out the Minerals Education Coalition to find everything you need!