Submitting Your Video Online

Are you ready to start sharing your video with the world?

Here are a few pointers to take into consideration when submitting your video online.

  1. To start the process, click on Upload Your Video
  2. Enter all of the important information including your team name, your entrance category, your team lead (a teacher or a parent!), your video name and the total number of team members
  3. Don’t forget to check YES to acknowledge the Rules and Regulations and the use of your video online
  4. Add all of your team members to the upload so we know their names and can make sure they have their parental consent forms submitted
  5. Upload Your Video
    1. Start by Dragging and Dropping your video into the grey box or by selecting Select Files in green text
    2. After you have selected your file, click on START UPLOADING FILES to complete your upload
    3. Wait until the progress bar reaches 100% and the message says UPLOAD COMPLETE to finish the form
  6. Upload Your Parental Consent Forms
    1. Start by Dragging and Dropping your parental consent form into the grey box or by selecting Select Files in green text
    2. After you have selected your file, click on START UPLOADING FILES to complete your upload
    3. Wait until the progress bar reaches 100% and the message says UPLOAD COMPLETE to finish the form
    4. If you have additional files to upload, select Upload Another File to add more parental consent forms
  7. Last but not least, tell us how you heard about Move Mining Next Gen!
  8. Submit the form and get ready, your video will be online soon!

Parental Consent Form: How to Submit

So your child is interested in participating in Move Mining Next Gen, but you’re not sure how to get started!

Download the Parental Consent Form

Download the Parental Consent Form

Here are a few helpful tips to make sure that your child has all of the necessary requirements fulfilled to have his/her video posted online.

  1. Every child must have a Parent/Guardian Consent form submitted regardless of whether he/she is participating as part of a school group, a team or individually
  2. The parental consent form can be submitted before, during or after the video has been submitted
  3. If you have more than one child participating in the video, you can submit a single form for both of your children using Add Additional Child feature in the online form
  4. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can download a copy of the PDF form and submit your parental consent form via email (scanned copy of a paper form), fax, or mail:
    Attn: Move Mining Next Gen
    12999 E Adam Aircraft Circle
    Englewood, CO  80112
    Fax: 303.933.6269
    *If submitting a paper consent form, a form must be completed for each individual child. Paper forms cannot be used for multiple children.
  5. Even if your child is not visible in the video, he/she must have a form submitted to be counted as part of the team

What about my child’s personal information being on the internet?

Your child’s name, age, school, etc. will not be shared online by SME/MEC as part of the video posting process. If names or references to personal information are revealed within the video, SME/MEC will not be held responsible. Video submissions will not be edited once submitted for posting. If you have concerns about your child’s personal information and he/she are working within a school team environment, please contact your child’s teacher regarding video submission and video content. If you have general questions about your child’s personal information being shared online, contact Move Mining Next Gen at

Video’s cannot be shared online or be eligible for the competition without a parental consent form being received by all participating team members (regardless of whether or not they are visible/audible in the video) before or on November 15, 2017.



How do I fit it into my school day?

How do I do this within my school day? I would set aside ten minutes each day for a week. Not more than that to start. You will still have time to follow your usual science plan for the day.

  • Day one: Begin by showing the Move Mining Next Gen video to your class. Have them brainstorm some of the most important things they uses every day. This is the day I would assign the students to have the parent consent forms filled out at home.
  • Day two: Have the students think about what minerals make up the things they enjoy.
  • Day three: Spend the ten minutes looking at where these minerals are mined.
  • Day four: Have students explore what their lives would be without that item.
  • Day five: Have students think of a way to communicate that information. The following week should be full of script writing and filming. Perhaps some of this work can be done at home, during recess, or during an afterschool club? At this point, the project will likely take off! Perhaps plan a screening party where all the videos can be shared. Spend time after November 15 and watch the other submitted videos. Don’t forget: your students can vote on their favorites.

But this really is a good idea…

As a teacher, I know how inundating it can be to have yet another great idea to use in my classroom. The latest, the greatest…oh, the work I did to try to keep up with my teammates or to offer something great to dazzle some parents…

Time and experience has shown me how to incorporate unique ideas not just for the sake of incorporating unique ideas. Let me explain:
By introducing Move Mining Next Gen into your classroom, you are not abandoning your curriculum, your focus on standards, or your very limited student contact time. You are enhancing all of those things.

In having students learn and research the use of minerals in their everyday lives, you are embracing practical research skills to help students make decisions, analyze and communicate their findings. Mixing science, reading, research, writing, speaking, listening, presentation and promotional skills reaches the interest and skill sets of your group of students right now. In the end, your students have a practical application of their learning, a purpose for their work and an audience with whom to share! … and you might just end up dazzling a parent or principal in the process.

Camera Shy? You have options!

Let’s face it: being in front of the camera can be a bit intimidating. We see plenty of people on television who can’t get enough of it. That’s just fine. Let them do it!
But don’t let your fear of being seen or heard keep you from submitting your reasons why mining is important! There are more options out there then your mug on camera! Have you considered these alternatives:

  • Claymation
  • Using drawings in chalk, white board, crayons, or markers
  • Puppets or stuffed animals
  • Anime
  • Computer programs (GoAnimate)
  • Use of pets (find great pet costumes online or make your own! – maybe not gold fish)
  • Computer generated cartoon (ToonyTool)
  • Slide show with photographs (Prezi)

….the list is endless! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Your House Comes From a Mine

Hi! My name is Jackie Dorr and I work for the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME).

Recently, I enjoyed a tour of the American Gypsum mine and plant recently and wondered – how many of the local residents are even aware that there IS A MINE IN THEIR BACKYARD? How many of them know that this extremely efficient operation makes the drywall (used to create the walls of your house) used to build their house? That gypsum is used in some Portland cement to make their sidewalks and driveways. And uses for recycled gypsum include many agricultural purposes, athletic field marking, as a stucco additive, grease absorption, sludge drying, and water treatment.

Did you know that you are surrounded by mined materials every day and that these mined materials help to build the world we live in? From houses and cars to toothpaste and medicine, mined materials are literally in everything we do.

Let us start at home…literally. Can you look around and find the items made from mined material? I will give you a hint; nearly everything you see has some form of mined material used in its creation. Visit this awesome website to see just how many different items in your home have mined material in them.

As you think about the world you live in and the items you interact with every day, think about where we would be if we didn’t have mining. It would be radically different, wouldn’t it? Mined material makes our lives easier and helps to create the modern conveniences we enjoy so much.

So, how are you going to share the message of “why mining is important in our lives” with the world?