How do I fit it into my school day?

How do I do this within my school day? I would set aside ten minutes each day for a week. Not more than that to start. You will still have time to follow your usual science plan for the day.

  • Day one: Begin by showing the Move Mining Next Gen video to your class. Have them brainstorm some of the most important things they uses every day. This is the day I would assign the students to have the parent consent forms filled out at home.
  • Day two: Have the students think about what minerals make up the things they enjoy.
  • Day three: Spend the ten minutes looking at where these minerals are mined.
  • Day four: Have students explore what their lives would be without that item.
  • Day five: Have students think of a way to communicate that information. The following week should be full of script writing and filming. Perhaps some of this work can be done at home, during recess, or during an afterschool club? At this point, the project will likely take off! Perhaps plan a screening party where all the videos can be shared. Spend time after November 15 and watch the other submitted videos. Don’t forget: your students can vote on their favorites.

But this really is a good idea…

As a teacher, I know how inundating it can be to have yet another great idea to use in my classroom. The latest, the greatest…oh, the work I did to try to keep up with my teammates or to offer something great to dazzle some parents…

Time and experience has shown me how to incorporate unique ideas not just for the sake of incorporating unique ideas. Let me explain:
By introducing Move Mining Next Gen into your classroom, you are not abandoning your curriculum, your focus on standards, or your very limited student contact time. You are enhancing all of those things.

In having students learn and research the use of minerals in their everyday lives, you are embracing practical research skills to help students make decisions, analyze and communicate their findings. Mixing science, reading, research, writing, speaking, listening, presentation and promotional skills reaches the interest and skill sets of your group of students right now. In the end, your students have a practical application of their learning, a purpose for their work and an audience with whom to share! … and you might just end up dazzling a parent or principal in the process.