Where do I start?

If you don’t have any ideas, you can look around and think about things you use and enjoy. What materials are used to make them? How does mining make it possible? While you research these questions, consider MineralsEducationCoalition.org. Teachers love this site too! That website is full of information about minerals and mining. You will be amazed. You will need your video to be factual and truthful, because, let’s face it, you want to sound smart on this one.

I have my idea. Now what?

Once you have some thoughts about the idea you are want to deliver, determine your method for sharing that message. You are not limited to any format, but some ideas include a commercial, an interview, a newscast, a song, a poem, or a short documentary. You will need to figure out how many team members you will need to make your idea come alive. Your style in sharing your idea might be what makes your video stand out. Any good writer or promoter thinks about his or her audience. Do you want this to appeal to kids or adults? Put your own style into it so that your audience can relate to it. The only thing you are limited by is the three minute time restriction.

What makes a great video?

Be sure your video has the three most important elements: visual, audio and message! Try shooting it a few ways and in different lighting so that the audience can really see you! If possible, use a microphone that isn’t just your phone/camera microphone so that you can be heard. Microphones help to eliminate background noise. If you are using music, be sure it is not copyrighted, and that it is appropriate for your message. Don’t let it drown out your speaking part if it is intended to be background music. Lastly, and most importantly, be sure the message is true, clear and factual. Even if you decide to make a funny video, be sure it has a message. Your goal is to teach the audience about the importance of mining, not just to entertain them for three minutes.

I’ve finished filming. Now what?

Have some trusted friends or family watch your video. Ask them to analyze it honestly. Did they get your message? Was it clear to them what you were trying to achieve? Could they hear it? Could they see you?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, it sounds like it’s time to submit your video and your parent/guardian consent form.

How soon can I submit my video?

You can submit it, along with your parent/guardian consent form, any time after noon MT September 14, 2022. Videos are posted online after the deadline and once they have been screened for appropriate content.

Wow! That was fun! Can I submit another video?

YES! Just be sure you have another, separate parent/guardian consent form for each video submitted. Try your hand at another unique video, a different style, different music: anything you want!

When do I find out if I won?

Winners will be announced mid-late February 2023. Check back on this website for a list of winning videos. Once determined, we will contact all entrants by email. If you do not win this year, please do not give up. We will be doing this again next year.

What are the exact dates of the competition?

Videos and permission forms can be submitted beginning noon MT September 14, 2022. All videos must be submitted by noon M.S.T. on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. The website will no longer accept videos after that time.

What is required to submit a video?

Competitors are required to submit a 3-minute or less video in addition to a parental consent form online before on or before noon MT January 18, 2023. Competitors must submit a parental consent form if under the age of 18 prior to their video being posted online for public viewing.

Who has to have a parental consent form?

Every person on your team who is under the age of 18 must submit a parental consent form completed by their parent or guardian prior to the team’s video being viewed online. The parental consent form may be submitted online using the Submit Video form or by email. The parental consent form should include the team name.

Where can I find the parental consent form?

The parental consent form can be found here. For questions about the parental consent form, please contact moveminingnextgen@smenet.org.

How are the winners decided?

There are different categories for the Move Mining Next Gen competition. All prizes are determined by a panel of experts in minerals and mining.  The prizes are:  Best Overall ($1,000 prize), Grades K-5 ($250 1st prize and $150 2nd prize), Grades 6-8 ($250 1st prize and $150 2nd prize) and Grades 9-12 ($250 1st prize and $150 2nd prize). If in July you are between age groups, determine your group by the grade you will be in on January 18, 2023. For example, if you just finished fifth grade in the spring of 2022, your video would go in the 6-8 category, because you will be in sixth grade on January 18, 2023.

What is www.MineralsEducationCoalition.org?

The website www.MineralsEducationCoalition.org is a free resource for you to use, if you choose. It is full of information about minerals and mining–even about careers–that may help you with your video topics. You can count on fact-based, relevant, and interesting information to make your video “smart.” Your teachers will go nuts over this resource. Be sure to tell them all about it. They will love the free and low-cost resources and lesson plans they will find there just by searching by grade level and topic.

Can I use other resources for my video?

Of course you can! We would love for you to become an expert!

What should I include in my video?

Be sure you use facts that are true, timely and tested! This is not a time to make stuff up. An informative video will be powerful and gain the attention of the industry experts who are doing the judging!

I want to use music, but what about the copyrighting laws?

Do not use music that is copyrighted. If you have questions about this, do some research. One website that has royalty free music at no charge is https://www.seabreezecomputers.com/tips/freemusic.htm. Read their instructions, as some of the songs just need to be credited, but are completely legal to use. Videos with copyrighted music will not be able to be posted for voting or used in the competition.

What should I NOT include in my video?

Do not include anything vulgar, inappropriate or inaccurate. We will not be able to post videos that make people feel uncomfortable or that go against the goal of informing people about the importance of minerals and mining in their lives. Please see the Rules and Regulations for complete guidelines.

Does it cost anything to submit a video?

Nope! All ages in grades K-12 are welcome to submit their ideas. All it takes is a little of your time and creativity!