What is People’s Choice?

Did you know sharing your video can help you win! Share your Move Mining Next Gen video submission with friends and family to have them vote for your video. The more times you share, the more the votes and the greater the chance you have for winning the People’s Choice award.

Looking for ways to share your video?

social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be awesome tools when trying to share your video with as many of your friends as possible. With a quick link to Move Mining Next Gen, you can have your video in front of hundreds of people in an instant. If you don’t have a social media account, ask mom or dad to help spread the word through theirs!

your school and teachers to be your advocate. We know that you are doing amazing things and we’re pretty sure your school and teachers know that too! Ask for their help to promote your video in school or class announcements.

Talk it up!
The best way to share your video is word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to make
new friends and ask them for their support by voting for your video. If you are
a member of after school clubs or sports, share your video with them and ask
for their vote..

The more you share your video, the greater the chance you have to win.
The prize for the People’s Choice award is $500, you don’t want to miss this